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Migrating from Squarespace 5 to 6

Recently I had the pleasure of working with my wonderful clients over at Grace & Spiritus Chorale.  A couple of years ago, they hired me to re-design their website and create an online portal that their 90+ members could access and interact within.  The portal has created all kinds of new efficiencies for the organization.  The organization's directors are big fans of Squarespace so the migration to the new platform makes sense.  In addition they wanted a new iteration of the design that would be responsive to mobile and tabloid screens.   Given budget, what we had already accomplished and what we want to further accomplish, we decided to take the Peak template in Squarespace 6 and bring elements of the previous design I made for them to the structure of this new template.   


As a non-profiteer myself, I really love working with other non-profits to achieve elegant, state-of-the-art websites that will further the organization's cause and not break the bank.  The directors at Grace & Spiritus are fabulous people.  And their chorus is equally fantastic.  Go see them sometime!  The schedule is on their website.


A Year of Collaboration: Evan Sargent

This past Spring and Summer I've had the privilege of collaborating with Art Director Evan Sargent on a number of her freelance projects.  As someone who is DIY to the core (referring to myself), most often I am hired to both design and develop client sites.  Working with Evan was eye-opening to the potential of modern design when married to easy-to-use content management systems like Squarespace 6.  


Evan's designs are beautiful, eye-popping, glossy, clean and at the same time completely on-brand.  I like her work so much I've asked her to work on my organization Opera on Tap's new web design which will be published later this year.

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