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Anne Hiatt


"Anne upgraded our website and all of our internal systems to work within Web 2.0 models. We now have smarter work systems integrated with dropbox, google, squarespace all from Anne's guidance and implementation. This allows us to provide very tech-y services to our clients in both an efficient and budget conscious manner. She is extremely responsive and consistently meets deadlines."
Johanna Walsh, CMP-Twirl Management 

"Anne brings the rare combination of technical know-how and an eye for good design to the projects she works on. She always works well with our clients, listening to their needs and providing timely, creative solutions."
Mark Caserta, Owner-Main Street Complete

"It's generally not easy to switch technology platforms, but Anne made it really smooth. We switched not only our email platform, but also the format in which we host all of our organization's documents. Anne helped us in every step of the process: she helped us to understand our needs and how the transition would take place, did all of the implementation in a way that didn't affect our work more than necessary, and was available after the fact to answer any questions or challenges that came up as we navigated the new system. We are much more effective because we are more centralized. I'm thrilled that we decided to engage Anne in this work. Not only does she do her job well, but she's got a wonderful way about her as well. She's a joy to work with all around!"
Kate Seely, Director of Field Operations-Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy


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